How to See if Bad SEO is Causing a Drop in Website Traffic

If your content marketing strategy is progressing while your website traffic slumps, your reaction will surely be one of confusion. We've all been there.

With Google’s constant changes to its algorithm and the shifting nature of the internet, search engine optimization is, frankly, a phenomenon the masses don’t fully understand. This is especially true in the manufacturing and industrial space.

ThinkstockPhotos-454305393-721421-edited-2.jpgDon't get discouraged. There are a handful of individuals in our industry that have mastered SEO, and there are plenty of resources available for you to review to gain a better grasp.

HubSpot recently sought out expert advice to discover the best methods for reversing a downward trend in website traffic.

Logically, they spoke with Mario DeAlmeida, our very own SEO expert and Director of Search. Here are a few of his helpful tips to get started:

Step One: Check Your Code

Your tracking code is never totally safe from accidental deletion, so ensuring that your entire website is tracking and providing you with accurate performance data is critical to stay on top of your website’s SEO results.

Step Two: Analyze Keywords

A sudden drop in rank could indicate that Google sees questionable tactics from your website, and is penalizing you by lowering your ranking or removing your website from its pages entirely.

The solution is to track your keywords and regularly monitor for shifts. Then, adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Step Three: Evaluate Domain Authority

Study up on Moz’s Domain Authority — it’s a significant factor in Google’s algorithm.

Whenever Moz updates the Domain Authority (DA) of its websites, any recent changes to your website could cause a fall in your rankings. If your DA falls, Google may infer that the quality of your site is falling, as well.

Check on your DA monthly to make appropriate adjustments when you see a change.

For more in-depth explanation on the points listed above, and to see the rest of the list, check out DeAlmeida’s original blog post, “What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down,” on HubSpot.

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