How To Grow Your Manufacturing Business By Connecting With Engineers On Quora

Quora, the social media platform where people ask and answer questions, challenges the old saying that no one likes a know-it-all. Active community members (you can call them "Quorans" if you want) have earned the respect and deference of their peers by providing thoughtful and useful responses that demonstrate skill, experience and wisdom. There are thousands of influencers who have built a following on the network by regularly engaging with threads related to their passions and areas of expertise.

Industrial Marketing With QuoraDedicating some time every week to Quora can also yield something more valuable than gratitude and praise from other users. When utilized strategically, Quora is a powerful inbound marketing and networking tool that fosters leads, connections and opportunities.

Because the platform tends to attract many people who are technical, curious and interested in science, engineering has been a popular topic.

Here are some Quora statistics that illustrate the quantity of site visitors engaging with engineering content:

Getting Started On Quora

If you want to grow your manufacturing business by connecting with engineers who might be interested in your parts and services, Quora is one of the best places to find leads. The online community also provides opportunities to spread awareness about your company.

Here are some basic steps for getting started on Quora and trying some marketing tactics:

Create A Great Profile

Like any social media profile, your Quora avatar needs a friendly picture. Headshots are usually best. Try something casual, maybe a photo from a vacation or outing.

When you write the bylines and short descriptors, mention your business. This detail is crucial. People need to be able to easily see where you work. For the longer bio on your profile, offer at least a little information about who you are outside of work. Feel free to mention hobbies and quirks.

Remember to fill out the “Credentials & Highlights” and “Knows About” sections. Quora will analyze this data and use it to suggest questions for you to answer. Each credential and topic you select will act as a sort of badge that appears in your responses.

Find The Right Questions

Finding questions where engineers are gathering will be easy. Simply search for topics and questions about engineering, especially ones that are relevant to manufacturing and the industry.

Follow And Connect With The Right Engineers

When you see engineers on a thread, look at their answers and profiles before you decide to follow them or reach out. Many engineers on Quora are students who would most likely not be able to work with you yet. Prioritize people who are working full-time for a reputable company and are based near you. Once you are ready to connect, comment on one of their answers or message them by clicking on the three dots next to their profile and selecting the message option.

Consider Becoming An Active Member Of The Community

If you enjoy the experience of Quora and have a little spare time each week, consider developing a presence by answering questions and upvoting (similar to liking on Facebook) responses you like. You can even ask questions that might attract the engineers you are looking for. It depends on who much time you want to invest.

Connecting with engineers can be difficult because they are terribly busy and often not receptive to outreach. On Quora you are meeting them in a space where they are engaged and already in the process of sharing and interacting with others. You could be the next person they form a business relationship with.

Look For Other Ways To Connect With Engineers?

Utilizing out-of-the-box platforms and channels like Quora is a great way to connect with more buyers across the web. If you are looking for additional ideas, download our free eBook, 5 Unlikely Places To Connect With Engineers

5 Unlikely Places To Connect With Engineers

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