Why Your Listing Isn’t Getting You Business

Industrial businesses have long understood the value of being listed in targeted search verticals, like ThomasNet.com. As recently as 5 years ago, simply being listed was enough to ensure that you get high quality, high volume traffic. Today, that's not always that case. So why might your listing be underperforming? Here are three reasons:

No Videos

High-quality search sites allow businesses to include videos in their listing. These can be product demos, virtual plant tours, or offer almost any kind of information about your company and its offerings. By including this kind of content, visitors will stay on your listing longer. It also gives them information they might have otherwise visited your website to find (assuming you have a website, which you should). Both of these increase the likelihood of a buyer selecting your company now or in the future.

No Social Links

It's a proven fact that industrial buyers use social media as part of their sourcing process. If you have a social media presence (and you should), including those links on your listing allows potential buyers to follow you on those sites. By not including these links (or simply not being active on social media) you are missing an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with clients than would otherwise take place on your website or search site listing.

No Documentation

Technical documentation, certifications and other materials that can be converted to electronic formats should be included on your listing. This kind of technical information is often sought in the middle of the buying cycle, but before buyers contact suppliers. By providing it on your listing, you can accelerate the buying process and increase the likelihood that a buyer will buy from you.

ThomasNet clients can customize their listings with videos, social links and more by logging into Client Center.

If you have a free ThomasNet.com listing and would like to customize your content, contact us today at 866.585.1191.

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