Why Women Are Made for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) and Women’s Intuition are not that different. The design of a woman includes a massive repository, heightened senses, and predictive analysis. And for that, maybe IoT should be changed to WIoT: Women's Intuition of Things.


Women's Intuition may appear mystifying, but one doctor breaks it down into tangible traits. Dr. Louann Brizendine's research and book "The Female Brain" suggests Women's Intuition includes remembering and feeling emotions, heightened senses and sensitivity especially to sound and visual identification, and the psychic-like ability to understand a situation before it happens.

Through her research she also found that women activate different brain circuits (assuming a broader set) to reach the same solution as men.

"In a German study, researchers conducted brain scans of men and women while they mentally rotated abstract, three-dimensional shapes. There were no performance differences between the men and women, but there were significant, sex-specific differences in the brain circuits they activated to complete the task. Women triggered brain pathways linked to visual identification and spent more time than men picturing the objects in their minds.
This fact merely meant that it took women longer to get to the same answer. It also showed that females perform all the cognitive functions males perform—they just do so by using different brain circuits." —The Female Brain

Now, assuming all of these findings are accurate, let's compare these traits to IoT.



As a female mechanical engineer, I have always been an advocate for women in STEM and women who solve problems. So when I see a clear path between STEM and women's issues — just like the correlation between IoT and women — I connect the dots.

A team of women and I recently launched a global contest called WomenFix, which looks to teach the world how women identify and solve REAL problems. Any and all women are invited to submit their problems and solutions for a chance to help put a value on female traits in the workforce. (Those who get published will share 50 percent of WomenFix’s profits.)

For more on what WIoT represents, how women can improve industry and what's in store for WomenFix, click here to head over to the website.

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