7 Educational STEM Videos from EngineerGuy

The estimated 2 million manufacturing jobs that will go unfilled in the next decade due to the skills gap is frightening to think about, but many in the industry are already being proactive about promoting STEM to spark interest at all ages.

Take Bill Hammack as an example. He's a tenured engineering professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In addition to his teaching, he has built up library of engineering videos on YouTube — all to detail the history, engineering and intricacy that goes into everyday objects.

Since half the fun of something is knowing how it works, we’ve pulled together a list of a few of our favorite videos — take a look and share to spread some STEM awareness with your networks.

1. The Music Box

Personally, this is my favorite video.

2. The NERF Blaster

Let’s bring it back to our childhood — or the fun office next door!

3. The Caffeine Dream

Did you know Joe DiMaggio helped make Drip Coffee machines commonplace?

4. The Ballpoint Pen

Need to write a memo?

5. The Aluminum Solution

Grab a nice cold soda and see what this design is so great.

6. The Microwave

Getting close to lunch?

7. The Injection Molder

Duh, we had to include this — we're industrial marketers!

There are so many great STEM videos available, but I hope these ones taught you (or someone in your network) something new. 

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