Introducing Thomas Industrial Data

Business leaders in nearly every market increasingly understand that having accurate and reliable data often means the difference between winning and losing. Without reliable data on hand to inform their strategies, companies don’t have a complete picture of their market and can’t be certain that their decisions will be the right ones to put them ahead of the competition. In order to address this, companies have turned to a myriad of data providers to piece together first- and third-party data that will help them sharpen their strategies, which in turn has caused data to become one of the most valuable resources in the world.

Because of its impact on the economy as a whole, data around manufacturing has been of particular interest to decision-makers from a range of organizations who want to develop a better understanding of what opportunities are available and what changes lie ahead. As the leader in product sourcing, supplier selection, and marketing solutions for industry, Thomas has received an overwhelming amount of requests for analysis and trend data around manufacturing, leading to the launch of Thomas Industrial Data

First-Party Sourcing Trends & Supplier Data is visited by over 1.5 million buyers per month who leverage the platform to source products and services from 500,000 North American suppliers across over 70,000 categories. The petabytes of data produced from this sourcing activity gives Thomas Industrial Data a clear view into the industrial economy along with detailed trend insights that illustrate how different industries are acting and reacting to changes in the marketplace.

This data is helpful not only to groups who operate directly within the industrial sector but presents clear use cases for financial analysts, investment firms, research groups, sales & marketing teams, and government agencies. These organizations, among others, have a clearly defined need for accurate, first-hand information about what sourcing and procurement trends can mean for their strategies. 

To further illustrate the impact of supply chain sourcing activity, project planning, and commercial spending confidence on the economy, Thomas has leveraged this data to create the Thomas Manufacturing Index (TMX). This index sheds light on key dynamics that drive market performance by measuring industrial activity in the United States and Canada from a diverse set of companies including Fortune 1,000, Mid-Market, and SMBs. Click here to learn more about the Thomas Manufacturing Index (TMX) and how to interpret the data. 

Industrial Data For Global Challenges 

The launch of Thomas Industrial Data and the TMX coincides with one of the most challenging economic and social times in recent history as the world battles COVID-19. As such, the focus of this launch has been focused on sharing everything to help combat this pandemic. Sourcing and procurement data, surveys of thousands of industrial manufacturing leaders, and insight on changes in government policy have led to the creation of the Thomas Corona Resource Hub. This hub has become a powerful example of how Thomas data can be leveraged and has been visited by thousands of manufacturers, media outlets, and government agencies looking for the most relevant and up to date information available.

To learn more about Thomas Industrial Data, visit our page here and let us know what data points will help you make well-informed decisions to drive success in your space today.

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