For Marketing Agencies: Drive More Business For Your Industrial Clients & Become A Certified Thomas Agency or Reseller

Thomas has been the market leader in the industrial space for over 120 years helping manufacturers, industrial distributors, and service providers reach in-market buyers and grow their businesses. Our marketing, advertising, and product data solutions are engineered to work together at each step of the industrial buying process to grow visibility and traffic, generate new leads, and drive new business for companies of all sizes in the industrial market.

With Certified Thomas Agency and Reseller Programs, agencies that currently service industrial clients can partner with Thomas for access to our industry-leading solutions to provide more opportunities for their customers to help them improve customer satisfaction and renewal rate.

Agencies currently servicing manufacturers and industrial companies can now access Thomas services and programs that include:

  • Targeted on-platform advertising programs that engage 1+ million daily in-market buyers
  • Newsletter advertising opportunities to reach 310K+ daily readers that include engineers, procurement professionals, operations, and management professionals
  • CAD asset distribution and lead generation from 27+ million design engineers in the Thomas TraceParts Network
  • Lead generation programs with guaranteed leads from your client’s target markets and job types 
  • Identified data from anonymous industrial visitors to support your customers’ ABM strategies using Thomas WebTrax Analytics 

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Scale Your Agency And Deliver High-End Results To Your Industrial Clients

We understand the need for agencies to find new ways of offering their customers ever-improving results and to do so at scale to continue growing their revenue. We provide proven programs with built-in processes and standards that help you scale your agency offerings and create new avenues of traffic to your clients’ websites and online content. 

Improve Qualified Traffic to Your Industrial Clients’ Websites

Your customers’ website is the center of their online presence. And your customers need to be where buyers are sourcing. A company listing on can not only help your customers stay “top of mind” with prospects who are actively searching for suppliers on our platform, but can also online provide high-quality backlinks to your customer's website. An effective website and company profile on the most trusted platform where buyers source are the cornerstones of a well-designed digital strategy in the industrial space.

Thomas Fact: Website visitors coming from company profiles view 2x more pages on an industrial website per visit than organic traffic. Moreover, visitors on industrial websites who are referred from a company listing on stay on the site 115% longer and bounce 57% less.

With advertising opportunities and earned backlink opportunities in Thomas Insights delivered by Industry's leading newsletter, the Thomas Industry Update (TIU), you will be able to implement outreach strategies that  increase brand awareness and RFQs. Specifically designed for manufacturing businesses, TIU’s newsletter advertising options drive readers to your customers’ website with Promoted Content or include backlinks from Sponsored Content to increase their brand awareness — other manufacturers choose our Spotlight Article option that includes an article written by our team of industrial content creators and promoted to our 310k+ subscribers. 

Whether the goal is to promote a new product or showcase the shop floor to more buyers, our advertising options allow manufacturers and industrial companies to reach decision-makers that have specifically identified an interest in the product/service categories offered. Your customers’ content will be showcased directly to the most qualified prospects and most important buyers to help you meet their business goals.

Drive More Leads From Engineers, Procurement Professionals, and MROs

CAD files convert at 2.5x the rate of text-based assets. With the Thomas Traceparts Network, your customers will be able to leverage their CAD files to accelerate deals with more than 27 million qualified engineers and buyers across, TraceParts, and 44 other marketplace platforms in the discovery stage.

You can also ensure your customers get the high-quality MQLs they desire the most with our Thomas’ LeadGen Program. This program includes guaranteed leads through a targeted content marketing campaign , which guarantees leads from specific industries, job types, and company sizes.

The flexibility of programs gives manufacturers ability to receive RFQs directly on the platform and provide the choice of which buyers they want to target, how, and when. Your manufacturing customers will be able to take advantage of premium positioning on search results and the ever-growing sourcing activity that takes place directly on the platform. They can also create an additional layer of trust in their brand by having their company profiles validated with Thomas Registered or Thomas Verified Supplier badges, which statistically receive more supplier evaluations and RFQs than those that don't.

Thomas Fact: Thomas customers who implemented a Verified Supplier Badge on their company profile created a 92% improvement in submissions.


Report On Campaign Progress And Identify Prospects For Your Customers Earlier

Thomas WebTrax lets you go beyond simple web analytics and shortens the long buying cycle to start engaging with real buyers earlier. With Thomas WebTrax, your customers will be able to see actionable data on buyers that are actively in-market for your customers’ products and services. Your customers can track, identify, and engage buyers by seeing exactly how your various digital marketing efforts, online content, and campaigns are being interacted with and by whom — their online information and activity is captured and stored all one comprehensive and intuitive dashboard.

Once you and your customers have identified your high-value opportunities, you can create shared alerts about additional website visits so your customers can align marketing tactics and sales outreach calls precisely with what the buyer wants and needs at every stage throughout that journey. Thomas WebTrax helps your customers make the critical shift from sales enablement to buyer enablement, and “sell” the way today’s buyer buys.

Training Opportunities From Thomas

Thomas has marketing experts that have worked with digital marketing strategy and executed online campaigns for thousands of industrial companies. Certified Thomas Agency & Reseller Programs include training for companies on how to position, sell, and execute online campaigns to drive success with Thomas products and services. 

Simplify your job by providing unique opportunities for your industrial companies with Thomas where more than 1,000,000 buyers and engineers do their job. Make a bigger impact on your customers’ ROI with targeted advertising on our platform and in our Thomas Industry Update newsletter. Give your customers the data they need and let them see exactly who is browsing their website with access to our Thomas Webtrax technology. And finally, help your customers drive more sales opportunities from buyers and engineers with our lead generation solutions.

As a certified agency or reseller, you will have access to our marketing and advertising campaigns, analytics, and CAD lead management solutions — plus, all the support you need to be a successful agency, while still managing your customers’ experiences. 

Lead Your Industrial Clients To Success With Thomas

Your services are essential to so many businesses, and in an increasingly competitive and digital market, building a relationship with the right partner isn't just important, it's key. For more than 120 years, Thomas has been helping manufacturers and industrial companies grow. Opening up our services and solutions is an opportunity to make more businesses that support manufacturers and industrial companies like you successful. Throughout history, manufacturing groups have trusted Thomas to help them overcome the ever changing marketing landscape to establish an online presence, advertise their business, generate more leads, and optimize their marketing funnel. 

Help your manufacturing customers do the same, grow your customers’ businesses, and get new ones by partnering with Thomas as a certified agency or reseller. Ready to take your agency offering to the next level — together? Contact us and learn more about the resources ready to help you reach your goals.

Become a Certified Thomas Agency


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