Students Will Get To Test Drive Self-Driving Technology

From GM to Google, technology companies and auto manufacturers alike are investing heavily in the development of self-driving cars. However, along with creating a new technology, they're also creating an entirely new industry  one that will need knowledgeable and technologically gifted professionals in order to drive it forward and ensure its success for years to come.

According to TechCrunch, StreetDrone's new StreetDrone ONE will help give students the skills necessary to work in budding the self-driving industry.

Self-driving Cares Are Ready For Students

The StreetDrone ONE is a self-driving car designed to offer a hands-on learning opportunities for students interested in self-driving technology. Specifically targeted for educational institutions, the car will give students direct, real-world experience with self-driving cars before entering the field. 

Packed with a suit of autonomous driving sensors, the ONE is modular by design, allowing researchers and students to create their own parts and software for the car. Different packages offer different sensor loadouts and connectivity options to meet different learning needs for students. The car also features a 360-degree camera and four lower-resolution optical cameras. Different package options offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and RADAR connectivity. 

The ONE will start being delivered to educational institutions in August, with preorders being accepted right now.

Want to learn more about the StreetDrone One and how it may impact the future of self-driving cars? Check out the original article at TechCrunch.   

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