The Changing Face of Thanksgiving Weekend and How it Relates to Manufacturing’s SMBs

You’ve likely read numerous headlines by now telling you which stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day. You also probably read some stories about retailers that have chosen to stay closed on this national holiday.

But beyond that, there’s another movement taking shape that asks consumers to avoid the crowd altogether and head to your local mom-and-pop stores on Small Business Saturday.

What is Small Business Saturday?

While Small Business Saturday is a relatively recent creation by American Express, getting its start in 2010, it has grown considerably over the years. Small Business Saturday spending has now reached a reported estimate of $103 billion since the day began.

American Express has also incentivized the program, offering generous cash-back on applicable purchases. But even without the monetary rewards in mind, many people like taking part in the day simply because they understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into running a small business. And for small business owners, the day can even prove more profitable than Black Friday.

Unlike Black Friday or the newer Cyber Monday, the Saturday in between is a day when small businesses don’t have to fight for a share of the market traditionally dominated by big box stores.

What Are the Benefits of Small Businesses?

Aside from smaller crowds and a more personalized shopping experience, small businesses offer a range of advantages for locals. Convenience is one of these advantages, since major brands are often spread miles apart from each other, whereas small businesses can usually be found close by. Aside from that, tax revenue from these businesses is more likely to directly benefit the surrounding community rather than larger cities where bigger stores are typically located. And perhaps most obvious, these businesses provide job opportunities for nearby residents, which further benefits the local economy.

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The New Face of Thanksgiving Weekend

While major department stores continue to up the ante by opening earlier and earlier, spilling into Thanksgiving Day, buyers can shift the trend by waiting instead for Small Business Saturday. And traditional consumers aren’t the only ones who can stand to shop small. Manufacturers are also ramping up purchasing and investing in new equipment for their production lines. Rather than give all of this business to a handful of mega distributors, why not look a little closer and see if there are any other providers in the area? You may benefit from more competitive pricing, faster service, and an overall more sustainable supply chain by simply diversifying your pool of providers.

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