New and Noteworthy Categories on for August 2020

No matter what circumstances affect industry, no force can stop our sector's innovation. This month's crop of new headings includes products born of the pandemic like contact tracing software, as well as older trends that continue to grow despite the pandemic, like private label cosmetics. We’ve chosen our 15 favorite new categories added over the month of July to explore with you.

1. Remote Controlled Demolition Robots

Stepping up to keep human workers out of potentially dangerous and labor-intensive situations, remote controlled demolition robots are part of the wave of robots being developed to make life safer, including medical robots developed to address the pandemic and construction robots for future travel to Mars

Remote Controlled Demolition Robots

2. Contactless Sanitizing Stations

Contactless products like sanitizing stations have become incredibly popular since the beginning of the pandemic, involving low tech innovations like foot operated door handles up to high tech solutions like flu symptom detection products for hospital waiting rooms. 

Contactless Sanitizing Stations

3. Beryllium Copper Substrate Plating Services

Beryllium copper is commonly used in manufacturing critical aerospace components, especially electrical and electronic components, thanks to its reliability. Further developments with this material include superhydrophobic coatings, which give this material more protection from corrosion. 

Beryllium Copper Substrate Plating Services

4. Conical Vacuum Dryers

Vacuum dryers, conical and otherwise, are used to dry out heat sensitive products through the creation of a vacuum, allowing for moisture to evaporate at lower temperatures. Apart from drying out products like food, engineered plastics, and pharmaceuticals, vacuum dryers are also used for bacteria strains and vaccines. 

Conical Vacuum Dryers

5. Private Label Medical Supplies

Combining the trend toward private labeling with the current need for medical supplies, private label medical supplies allow branding on products from compresses to sterile gauze to lab sponges. The 3D printing trend has also turned in a medical direction, producing critical medical supplies like testing swabs, PPE, and medical equipment replacement parts. 

Private Label Medical Supplies

6. UDI (Unique Device Identification) Printers

UDI printers create the specialized labels required for medical products by the FDA. Some other rising trends in industrial labeling include multiple page food and drug labels, waterproof labels, and labeling for local products. 

Unique Device Identification Printers

7. Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts are lifts that allow a user to move around tight spaces or obstacles thanks to their articulated joints. This can come in handy for difficult construction, maintenance, or repair applications. Articulating Boom Lifts

8. Contact Tracing Software

There have been many advances recently in software designed to keep people safe during the pandemic, including contact tracing software such as apps, which have already been put into use by the governments of Australia and Singapore. More local software is available for use by businesses in the United States. 

Contact Tracing Software

9. Children's Reusable Face Shields

With the wave of school reopenings expected in the fall, PPE such as face shields for children has become an important consideration. Other recent innovations to keep kids safe include online STEM, art, and tech summer camps, featuring DIY projects and virtual cabins. 

Children's Reusable Face Shields

10. Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Sprays

Anti-microbial disinfectant spray has also enjoyed a boost as virus killing products have become ever more necessary. Other more passive measures are being developed as well, including a recent laser treatment for metal that can instantly kill bacteria while remaining nontoxic.

Anti-Microbial Disinfection Sprays

11. Throttle Body Assemblies

Acting to allow air into an engine to increase acceleration, throttle body assemblies are used in cars, motorcycles, and other products throughout the automotive sector. One of the more intriguing ideas developing in this sector involves the use of bioplastics, made from soy, hemp, agave, or corn.

Throttle Body Assembly

12. Inulin

Inulin is a food additive that improves texture and stability while offering nutritional benefits and a low amount of calories. Although inulin has traditionally been made from chicory root or has been synthesized, new types of inulin are coming into the market including agave inulin.


13. Organic Disinfectant Sprays

With the growing amount of disinfectants available, organic disinfectant spray has also come into the market as a more environmentally friendly alternative. Organic products have been on an upward swing for a while; in 2019 48% of consumers said they would change their buying habits to help save the environment. 

Organic Disinfectant Sprays

14. Sanitation Booths

Many companies have pivoted to supply sanitation booths, which visitors to airports, hotels, and other public places step into to be misted with disinfectant, preventing them from carrying viruses in on their clothing and skin. 

Sanitation Booths

15. Private Label Lipsticks

Private label lipstick is is a part of the growing trend in private label cosmetics, which, like private label products across other markets, is rapidly gaining traction. Another cosmetics trend? Biodegradable glitter, which replaces the typically plastic glitter found in cosmetics from eye shadow to body scrubs. Unlike typical glitter, which doesn't degrade and is small enough to escape water filters and pollute the ocean, biodegradable glitter is made from ingredients that break down, like cellulose or eucalyptus extract.

Private Label Lipsticks

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