New Suppliers on for January 2020

New and exciting companies are constantly popping up across the industrial landscape in North America, and our expert team of content analysts is right there to capture information on hundreds of them every month. January's crop of new arrivals to our platform includes a supplier of biodegradable straws, a haptics software company that allows users to feel textures in smart screens, and a seismoelectric supplier with patent pending technology. Let's dive right in.

1. Integrity Manufacturing, Inc.

One of the few woman-owned stamping companies in the United States, Integrity Manufacturing offers metal stamping, finishing and assembly work, as well as research and development services, in Romeoville, IL. The company serves a variety of industries including the automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, and military sectors. 

Integrity Manufacturing

2. DisSolves

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, DisSolves manufactures edible, dissolving packaging for drink mixes. The packaging is natural, plant based, and dissolves quickly in both hot and cold water. Part of their profits also go toward planting trees in national parks. 


3. Focus Products Group International

Focus Products Group International, in Richardson, TX, offers environmentally friendly and innovative products for the hospitality, healthcare, and higher education sectors. They manufacture shower curtains from 100% recycled materials, and hookless shower curtains, which save time in hotel room curtain changes. They also offer other bathroom, guest room, banquet, and storage products. 

Focus Products Group International

4. Green Smart Products

In Bensalem, PA, Green Smart Products supplies biodegradable straws and stirrers made in the U.S.A.  The products are plant-based, compostable, customizable, and do not get soggy or leave pulp taste in beverages.  

Green Smart Products

5. PetroLocate 

Located in Mineral Wells, TX, PetroLocate supplies next generation seismoelectric equipment for underground water, oil and gas deposit discovery. The equipment can detect resistive liquids at depths of up to 3000 meters without the need for exploratory drilling, cleared landscape, or formal education to operate the machinery. 


6. Jackery, Inc.

Jackery, in Fremont, CA, created the first ever lithium portable power station in 2015. It offers portable power stations, Honda portable power banks, 60W and 100W solar panels, and cell phone chargers.

Jackery, Inc. 7. Green-Packer Moving Boxes

Green-Packer Moving Boxes, in Lakewood Ranch, FL, is a veteran-owned company that rents out industrial strength eco-friendly plastic moving boxes for commercial purposes. Boxes are 40% cheaper than cardboard while being tear proof, waterproof, and crush proof. 

Green-Packer Moving Boxes

8. Schaeffer Oil

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, Schaeffer Oil has been a family owned business for nearly 200 years, having been founded in 1839. The company specializes in lubricants, including grease, oils, hydraulic and metalworking fluids, lubricants, surfactants, additives, and specialty products. 

Schaeffer Oil

9. Tab 32

Tab 32 is a cloud software company for the dental industry. The company, which is based in Sacramento, CA, offers online documentation management, billing, mobile payments, integrated texting, eforms, VOIP, mobile payments, and cloud imaging, among other services.

Tab 32 10. Tanvas, Inc. 

Based in Chicago, IL, Tanvas offers haptics software for touchscreen technology and other surfaces to allow users to feel textures. Applications include automotive, advertising, electronics, gaming, and products for the visually impaired.  Tanvas, Inc.

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