New Suppliers on for November 2021

Exciting new B2B companies are being established across the U.S. and Canada every day, and every month, hundreds of them are joining®. We're highlighting ten of the most notable and innovative companies below to bring some of the unique services and products they provide to the forefront.

1. Nextech AR Solutions

Nextech AR Solutions Corp. is a company located in Toronto, ON, that makes augmented reality (AR) software solutions. This includes smart packages, holograms, and the mass production of AR content. Their software is utilized in the education, marketing, events, and eCommerce industries.

Nextech AR Solutions

2. AeroAggregates of North America

Situated in Eddystone, PA, AeroAggregates of North America, LLC produces aggregates made from recycled container glass. These aggregates can be used for construction material, agricultural uses like backfill or soil aerator, and for odor control.

AeroAggregates of North America

3. Boston Metal

With their headquarters located in Woburn, MA, Boston Metal produces steel products through a process that has no CO2 emissions. Their steel production methods are also cheaper than the traditional means. Boston Metal has also received an award from the metals and mining industry for their new technology.

Boston Metal

4. DarkVision Technologies

DarkVision Technologies Inc. is a North Vancouver, BC-based company that serves the oil and gas industries through their ultrasound imaging systems for oil and gas wells. These tools provide a means of inspecting wells for issues such as casing corrosion, tubing defects, and obstructions.

DarkVision Technologies

5. Foodservice Sustainability Solutions

Headquartered in Marietta, GA, Foodservice Sustainability Solutions specializes in the production of equipment that reduces food waste. This company also manufactures products for general use in foodservice, such as air purifiers, dehydrators, safety door handles, and sanitizers. Their products are manufactured in the United States.

Foodservice Sustainability Solutions

6. Reade Advanced Materials

Reade Advanced Materials has been distributing specialty chemicals for an array of applications for nearly 250 years. Located in East Providence, RI, they provide materials for additive manufacturing, ceramics, fillers, nanomaterials, and other products.

Reade Advanced Materials

7. Ghost Robotics Corporation

Ghost Robotics Corporation is situated in Philadelphia, PA. They focus on the manufacture of quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicles for navigation in hazardous areas. These robots are capable of traversing difficult terrain for use in data collection, security, military applications, and more. They serve the defense, university, and R&D industries.

Ghost Robotics Corporation

8. iQ3Connect 

With the company headquarters in Woburn, MA, iQ3Connect Inc. develops virtual-reality software designed for training applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. Their technology is web-based, which allows for instant access to the workspace.

iQ3 Connect9. Malta Inc.

This Cambridge, MA-based company produces storage systems for electro-thermal energy. The energy can be stored from sources such as fuel, wind, or solar energy. Malta Inc.’s products are capable of power storage for durations over six hours at a time.

Malta10. Nano Dimension

Based in Sunrise, FL, Nano Dimension produces specialized 3D printers for the creation of additively manufactured electronics. The company's 3D printers are capable of printing circuit boards, capacitors, and sensors, among others. They serve the automotive, defense, medical, and aerospace sectors.

nano dimension

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