The Ultimate List Of Blog Topic Ideas For Manufacturers

B2B buyers today have more control over obtaining the information they need to make decisions — control over how they get it, and who or where they get it from. Digital marketing and publishing blogs put some control back in your hands — while still respecting the buyer and the nature of today’s digital experience.

An effective blog strategy should reach purchasing decision-makers on their time, and speak in a voice that connects with them. It establishes a relationship with your buyer by opening up a meaningful dialogue, positioning you as a valuable resource rather than just another potential supplier.

Thomas has been connecting buyers and suppliers for more than 122 years so we know a thing or two about the right content that drives buyers toward your ultimate goal: a sale. Below is a list of our top blog topic ideas that have helped get manufacturers and industrial suppliers found online and improve lead generation.

Manufacturing blog topic ideas

Blog Topic Examples & Ideas For OEMs, Custom Manufacturers, & Distributors

How-To Articles

Your content must benefit the audience in some way — “how-to” blogs should be written to communicate exactly what the reader hopes to solve.

  • How to Use Buck-Boost and Push–Pull Transformers
  • How To Create Negative Pressure In A Hospital Room
  • How To Stay Ahead Of Worn Field Coils And Poor Motor Performance
  • How To Print The Perfect Cosmetic Product Label

Beginner Resources

Similar to “how-to” articles, beginner resources should aim to solve your prospect’s biggest pain points but also address “the Who, the What, the When, and the Why” of a problem in more detail.

  • What Is A Hall Effect Sensor?
  • Key Considerations When Choosing A Metal Stamping Partner
  • A Design Guide For Reed Switches

Pros vs Cons / Comparison Industrial Content

This type of content should address your prospects' challenges throughout the copy and help the buyer make a decision related to their job — just make sure you're writing quality content about the service or product and not immediately trying to sell your services.

  • The Importance of Magnetics in High-Frequency Transformers
  • UPLA vs HEPA Filters: What’s The Difference 
  • Painted vs Unpainted Panels: Which Should You Go With
  • Is There A Difference Between Blanking & Punching?

Company Announcements

Everyone believes they offer the highest quality products (hopefully). If you have awards or certifications, create a post highlighting your achievement so your prospects and customers know about it.

  • Strengthening Magnetic Capabilities: Acquisition Announcement 
  • Remembering 30 Years In Business: Our Company Anniversary 
  • Announcing Our OSHA Certification

Application-Focused Resources

What have you learned through everyday business or about your industry that would be of value? These types of articles can be shared with someone else in their network and increase your reach and brand visibility.

  • Connecting The World With Cords, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
  • Anodized Aluminum Applications: Building Endless Possibilities

Product Spotlights

If you’re a distributor, any content your suppliers provide about a product's features, advantages, or benefits could be used to create product overview blogs. 

  • When to Use Liquid-Tight Conduit
  • What You Need To Know Before Buying Electrical Conduit
  • Featured Project: South Street Seaport NYC
  • The Manufacturing of Deep-Dish Pizza Pans
  • Meet Our Newest Family Member: MLQ Housing

Industry-Focused Articles

Industry-focused articles and market-served pieces are written to tell a story that shows your audience you understand their world. Prospects will more easily see that your business is committed to providing them value.

  • Shower Curtains that Perform for Behavioral Health Facilities
  • Custom Printed Equipment Covers for Medical or IT/Technology Companies
  • A Closer Look at Thermal Radical Cure Adhesives for the Electronics Industry
  • A Guide To Building Hospital Isolation Rooms

Industry News 

Last year caused many splashes and ripples in the supply chain world. Was your manufacturing company affected by it or were your operations unaffected? Publishing a note about situations like this gives prospects an expectation of the level of service you’re able to provide. They also present an opportunity to showcase your expertise and gain new business.

  • When Will Metal Prices Drop and Lead Times Stabilize? 
  • Reshoring During The Pandemic
  • The Future Of Moldmaking & Plastics

Material Guides

Engineers are concerned with form, fit, and function. ​Technical guides and material resources should help them evaluate your products to determine the best available solution. Always create your content with your buyer personas in mind and include sizing charts/dimensions, performance curves, graphs, etc. 

  • Metal Alloy Comparison Guide: Copper, Brass, and Bronze
  • The Fundamentals Of Thread Rolling 

Thomas Tip: You can discover more insight and define and develop your buyer personas by looking into your current customers first. Analyze any patterns in their behavior, then supplement that information with stats from online research and sourcing data. Here are some places to start:

Capabilities Overview

Address your customer’s concerns beyond the business transaction, and provide value beyond the scope of the product or service you are selling. Create content that reinforces your company’s reputation.

  • Our Commitment to Warehousing 
  • OEM Product Delivery In 24 Hours Or Less

Maintenance Resources

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Managers have advanced technical knowledge of the system they are charged with maintaining. Maintenance and repair articles give your MRO readers information they can use right away to troubleshoot their problems. They are great for SEO and getting your business' website found on search engines when written effectively.

  • 6 Reasons Why Wind Power Maintenance Is So Crucial
  • Common Causes Of Electric Motor Failure
  • Top 10 Thread Rolling Problems

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Need More Ideas To Grow Your Company Online?

Publishing the right type of blog content at the right time will produce real results. And there are also other important components to updating your website with blogs, like images, videos, and CTAs. It’s a strategy that takes some time, planning, and investment, but it will help you establish your company as an industry thought leader and get your name out to new prospects.

Ready to get started with blogs right now but unsure where to start? Contact our team of manufacturing marketing experts to see how we can create content for you that engages engineers, procurement managers, and MRO professionals. 

“A key thing about Thomas is the ability to generate a lot of leads across various industries. We wanted to help educate our customers. Through eBooks, blogs, a revamped website — they actually drive our own knowledge out and customers appreciate the insight,” said Jeff Collins, Partner at Renown Electric.

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