The Arrow That Increased Form Submissions By 76%

A cold-root rolling manufacturer wanted to increase leads on their website. A simple arrow made it happen.

The Idea

Our conversion experts came across studies which showed that directional cues are effective at drawing attention to different objects on a page. While these cues can take many forms – arrows, eyes, fingers, etc. – independent research by the folks over at ConversionXL showed that hand-drawn arrows were the most successful.

The Test

We ran an A/B test on all of the manufacturer's landing pages. The only different between the two versions was that, on the B pages, we added a hand-drawn, slightly cartoonish yellow arrow on the top-left hand corner of every form. (See how it looked below.)


The Result

We found that adding this simple yellow arrow increased engagement (clicking anywhere on the page) by 7%, which indicates that the arrow helped increase general interest in the site's content.

Even better, we also saw that form submissions, as measured by the number of people successfully submitting the form and being redirected to the thank you page, saw a whopping 76% increase.


The key takeaway from this experiment was that directional cues, like an arrow, can effectively draw attention to elements you'd like to highlight on your pages.

While it's difficult to pinpoint why adding the arrow worked so well — it may be because the yellow color stood out, or it may be because people simply like hand-drawn arrows  it's clear that the method can be effective. 

Consider A/B testing the impact of arrows on your own engagement and conversion rates — talk with one of our experts to get started.

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