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Architects, engineers and contractors in the AEC industry have increased their focus on how they can improve efficiencies and better meet owners’ demands for an ‘as-built’ BIM model at the completion of a project.  Utilizing more manufacturer-specific BIM models, complete with specs, performance characteristics and standards like COBIE, is becoming more important.

These AEC professionals seek products from manufacturers that can deliver the rich and detailed information they need, exactly when it’s needed in their process. To meet these expectations, building product manufacturers need to re-tool and re-think their sales and marketing process to fully adapt to the new demands of BIM.

What Is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a groundbreaking, fully immersive building modeling process, and its usage has provided lucrative results to industry professionals worldwide. BIM offers a 3D, real-time, visual modeling environment for construction projects of any magnitude.

The BIM process and the many technologies it has spawned, gives AEC professionals the tools and data they need - including geometry, spatial dimensions, and performance properties – to accurately design, analyze and construct the many systems that make a commercial building. For manufacturers, providing BIM-ready data not only ensures you get considered in a project but that they are able to be evaluated within the design and committed to the project schedule based on more than just simple dimensional characteristics. 

With BIM, unique performance and functional characteristics are fully exposed to designers giving your products an upper hand when compared to your competition.  Providing digitized BIM objects of your products makes your customer’s job easier and more efficient establishing your company as THE company that’s easy to do business with.

The result: high-quality leads for your sales team and specs that stick through to bid time.

At Thomas Enterprise Solutions, BIM technology is one of our specialties. Our team has learned that quality product data—available in multiple BIM formats for ALL of your customers—can provide a competitive edge to building product manufacturers. Bringing greater visibility to projects, earlier in the design stage, BIM generates stronger leads for your sales team to follow and nurture.

Using BIM To Generate Leads & Increase Sales

If you want to improve your company’s competitive position, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar: Using BIM to Generate Leads and Increase Sales. The webinar will address the current challenges of AEC professionals and how building product manufacturers can respond to create a more competitive position, generate leads and increase revenues.

Bringing greater efficiency to design and construction is critical to the commercial building industry. As such, global demand for rich BIM product data will only grow stronger—now is the time to get the competitive edge you need.In this webinar, Thomas’ own industry experts David Bandi (Director of AEC/BIM Solutions) and Philip DeMottie (Director of Enterprise Accounts) explain how to turn BIM data into a marketing asset for your business.

Using BIM to Generate Leads and Increase Sales is a free, on-demand webinar — sign up to listen in now and learn how Thomas can support your company’s efforts.

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