Bringing Back “Made In America” for Manufacturing

With a noticeable uptick in manufacturing jobs, more buyers looking for US-based suppliers, and businesses making “Made in the USA” commitments, it’s safe to say reshoring isn’t just a trend — it’s a complete turnaround in US manufacturing.

You might fall into either of those parameters for changes in the industry, but if not, you’ll soon witness and be a part of the meteoric rise. With industry led organizations such as the Reshoring Initiative at the wheel, the benefits are becoming too large to ignore. 

Increased lead-time, more agility in customer requests, and flexibility in customization all positively impact the customer experience (and your bottom line). Decreased shipping costs, reduced supply chain risks, and employment opportunity help local smaller businesses decrease costs of operation. Environmental and global issues out of our control no longer affect the workflow.

Coupled with the predicted manufacturing boom and the energy boom we are currently experiencing, cheaper transportation and material processing are in our reach and the perfect catalyst to start operations on our home territory. The groundwork has been laid and the promise of new jobs, local economy boost, and a stabilized middle class has started becoming an achievable goal.

Though small business has a lot to gain from reshoring, part of the movement’s recent success has big business to thank. Recent research shows more and more industry giants bringing work back to American shores, with the list including Walmart, Apple, Caterpillar, Ford, and GE. In fact, industry events like Walmart’s US Manufacturing Summit are encouraging suppliers in the United States.

It has been a slow process, and one that everyone expects to take more time than less. But the benefits are within reach and support is increasing everyday. If the initiative continues gaining momentum, “Made in America” might be the new norm.

And if you looking to connect with more US buyers for your business, you can still apply to attend Walmart’s summit, taking place July 7-8, and get more information here.

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