8 Email Newsletters for Every Industrial, Manufacturing Marketer

Yes, I’m really suggesting you sign up for email newsletters when you already get bombarded with sales notifications, internal back-and-forths and Did-I-really-sign-up-for-this? marketing emails in your inbox.

With all the social media management, email writing and deploying, higher-level strategy, design and other lead generation tactics you and your team are busy tackling, staying up to date with the latest news outside of your company can be quite difficult — but newsletters make it easy.

There are plenty of trade and niche business publications you can seek out, but I put together a list of broad market industry and marketing newsletters help you stay in the loop — check them out below.

1. Today in Manufacturing
This daily newsletter from Manufacturing.net brings updates on all that touches manufacturing — government, acquisitions, sustainability, military, automotive, fuel, air quality, technology, aerospace and more — for a comprehensive look at industry each day. Sign up here.

2. HubSpot
When you subscribe to HubSpot’s blog, you can get daily or weekly updates on sales and marketing tactics. From SEO tips and website updates to sales email and cold-calling suggestions, there’s plenty of content to keep your team up to date.

3. WSJ Logistics Report
A relatively new publication from the Wall Street Journal, this is your source for global movement in all aspects of logistics. It’s always good to be in the loop for those conversations with buyers and potential customers — plus, don’t you want to know how reshoring and supply chain are faring?

4. The Moz Top Ten
You’ve likely watched a whiteboard Friday or used The Moz for SEO tips — but did you know they have a monthly newsletter dedicated to inbound marketing tactics? Get a look at the top 10 news nuggets from the Moz team here.

5. IndustryWeek’s Weekly Hotlist
IndustryWeek has a number of email lists you can get your name on, but I recommend you start with the Weekly Hotlist. It’s a simple, friendly way to get a look at the top coverage from this publication in one swoop. (Bonus: There’s a weekly caption contest.)

You know ENGINEERING.com as the go-to for engineering news and updates, but did you know they also have a “Digital Marketing for Engineers” blog? They have resources on lead generation, marketing budgeting and more — you won’t want to miss these in your inbox. (Sign up is on the top right of their page.)

7. Inbound Logistics
An obvious focus on logistics here, each week this publication sends the latest in transportation, shipping and global market news. You can get familiar with past newsletter issues and get on the list here.

8. The Industrial Marketer
Okay, shameless plug from the Thomas team. Every week, we send insights, info and ideas on marketing tactics for manufacturers and industrial companies through the Industrial Marketer. (Sign up here!)

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