Video: Flying Taxis Will Take To The Skies This Summer

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... a flying taxi? If you are in Dubai this summer, there's a chance you may see one in flight.

Flying cars have been on the minds of researchers and engineers for years as a means of alleviating traffic and congestion in cities. Recently, Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency brought that concept one step closer to reality. The agency announced that, starting July 2017, the Ehang 184 drone will be able to carry people and fly them to their destinations. 

Dubai helped create the Ehang 184, an autonomous quad-opener electric drone. The vehicle can hold solo passengers up to 220 pounds and can travel at speeds of 100 miles per hour. The drone is "auto-piloted" by a command center and passengers only have access to a touch screen to select a destination.

Want to learn more about the flying taxi? See the full coverage at Industrial Equipment News

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