® Buyer Experience Updated with Thomas Account Features

Streamlined Registration and Control of Information

We’ve made it easy to personalize your user profile and update your security settings to create a custom experience on In your profile, you can edit your job function, company details, buyer and/or supplier status, and add your photo.

To control the flow of information, you can manage your privacy settings and update your email subscription preferences.


Powerful Tools to Increase Buyer Efficiency and Productivity

Thomas Account Dashboard

The new Thomas Account leverages powerful sourcing tools to create a more streamlined buyer experience. Here’s a quick overview of the features on Thomas Account:

Access Recent Search and Supplier Evaluation History

We’re all a little busy, so on your Thomas Account we’ve provided access to all of your recent searches and supplier evaluation history, so you can easily reference your past searches or recently viewed supplier profiles with a few clicks. We’ve even added featured suppliers to connect you with the most sought-after companies.

Quick Access to Your Saved Searches and Suppliers

With more than 500,000 North American supplier profiles on, our advanced filters identify the right supplier for your sourcing requirements. Save your search query with all filters applied, such as location, certifications, and ownership/diversity status so you can get back to sourcing quickly. You can also save individual supplier profiles for later review.

Create a Shortlist of Suppliers 

Shortlists are a great way to organize suppliers by objective. When identifying potential suppliers for a project, add them to a shortlist to have easy access to company information, a quick way to send a request for information, or to download their structured data into a CSV file to be used in your own procurement system.

Databased List of Request For Information (RFIs)

We keep track of all of your communication with suppliers in one convenient place. When you contact suppliers directly on our platform through a request for information, you’ll receive verification that your RFI has been delivered for peace of mind.

Archive of Downloaded White Papers and Supplier Summary Reports

We understand the effort that goes into your supplier research. We offer free supplier summary reports and in-depth, expertly-written white papers to help inform your buying experience. All downloaded documents are kept in your Thomas Account for reference.

Your Thomas Account Dashboard 

Thomas Account organizes the above information into a convenient dashboard to help save you time and get your job done. This new feature provides an at-a-glance look at your recent activity on and a hub to access all account services. You can browse saved shortlists, recent searches, viewed suppliers, and more.

Start Using Thomas Account Today

Already have an account? Visit to search, evaluate, and connect with over 500,000 North American suppliers and log in to complete your profile and experience the newly streamlined toolkit designed for you. 

And if you’re new to Thomas, sign up for a free account to gain access to 10 million+ CAD files, 500,000+ North American suppliers, 300,000+ white papers, and structured supplier data points so you can shortlist companies with the certifications, diversity status, and location you need. 


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