Video: Soldiers Will Get A Boost With Exoskeletons

Soldiers are about to get a big upgrade courtesy of engineers at the U.S. Army Research Lab. The engineers are creating a DARPA-funded exoskeleton suit that will help soldiers carry heavier equipment, march longer distances and improve mental acuity. 

The suit is made of pulleys and gears that help prevent and reduce musculoskeletal injuries, which is a common occurrence for many soldiers. The suit is already making major impacts as servicemen and women have reported improved endurance and reduced stress on their joints during tests. 

The technology used to produce the suit is still a work-in-progress, however, and it could take up to ten years before it is ready to be used in combat. However, with financing for the program set to expire in the coming months, the U.S. Army Research Lab hopes to find partners that can fund the project. 

To learn more about the exoskeleton, watch the video below or see the full coverage from Industrial Equipment News

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