Video: Space Tourism Gets Closer To Becoming A Reality

Zero 2 Infinity, a space tourism company headquartered in Spain, just unveiled the final design of its Bloon pod, which will launch people to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere.  

The company partnered with the Elisava School of Design and Engineering to create the interior of the modular, pressurized pod. The Bloon is five meters in diameter and has reclining and movable seats, floors and walls built with soft materials. It also features smart windows, which allow passengers to listen to music or locate places on earth. 

The pod, which holds four passengers and two pilots, is capable of reaching heights up to 22.5 miles above the earth's surface. When the pod returns, it will detach from the balloon in order to allow passengers to experience free fall and zero gravity before the parachute engages.

The first Bloon pod trip is still about two years away, and a ticket will cost at least $125,000. To learn more about the pod, see the full coverage from Industrial Equipment News

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