7 Videos of Buildings Being Built

Design and construction processes can be quite intense. Along with community planning, assessment of environmental impacts, and a number of other steps that comprise best practice (as delineated by the United States’ General Services Administration) are material selection and company vetting.

We in the manufacturing space have to weigh the pros and cons of using corrugated metal for roofing, fiberglass or polystyrene for structural insulated panels, and more. We need to choose a crane company that uses machinery with quality motor systems that were made with superior products. The list goes on.  

Yet, even with all of the aforementioned steps, the fundamental processCat_6020B_Hydraulic_Shovel_digging.jpg of erecting a building is the same across the board. What’s most important to remember is that each stage of this meticulous and detail-oriented course is a mean to a very specific end: the construction of a purposeful, impactful, beautiful building that will be inhabited and admired for centuries to come.

In our space, we often miss the forest for the trees. We get caught up in the details and forget to take a step back to appreciate what we’re adding to society. But we can change that.

Listed below are several time-lapse videos that show buildings being built and, in some cases, the creation of other constructs I found visually appealing. By watching these captivating videos, you’ll forget about the steps that were taken to make the construction happen, and enjoy the fantasy that they really were conceptualized, negotiated, and created in less than five minutes.

Incredible structures exist across the globe — take a look at some of my favorites by region:

North America

1. One World Trade Center in New York, NY

2. Seattle Academy STREAM Building in Seattle, WA

3. 11 Times Square in New York, NY

South America

4. 2016 Olympic City in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


5. The Shard in London, England


6. Mini Sky City Skyscraper in Changsha, Hunan Province 

7. Shanghai Tower in Shanghai

BONUS: Wind Turbine in the MidWest

Final Thoughts

These buildings were constructed successfully because the construction companies thought everything through and worked with reliable partners. If you're interested in learning How Big Companies Choose New Suppliers, we have an ebook that covers just that.

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