Getting Emotional: The Power of Emotion in B2B Marketing

Imagine the best marketing campaigns you’ve ever seen. Chances are, they all shared a common element they evoked some sort of emotion within you. Whether it was nostalgia, laughter, jealousy, or even rage, those campaigns struck a nerve.

Now, were these marketing campaigns produced by a major brand targeting consumers? In most cases, they were — this falsely leads many to believe that emotion has no place in B2B marketing.

B2B Vs B2C MarketingIf these B2C brands are successfully using emotion to connect with their audience and generate action, you can adopt the same strategy to inject emotion into your industrial marketing too.

You’re Not Selling to Companies You’re Selling To Humans

This is where the majority of industrial marketers tend to go off-track. Industrial marketers typically envision their audience as corporations. But corporations are made up of people! While the corporation ultimately purchases your products, it’s a human making that purchasing decision.

Remember how the emotion of those outstanding marketing campaigns you thought about earlier affected you? Your business can do the same to your audience.

It’s Not Just Business

B2B marketers must appeal to the business as well as the personal motivators with their industrial marketing efforts. The way you present your products ultimately has to tick all the right boxes from a business perspective finish, fit, pricing, reliability, delivery times and make the people behind those buying decisions feel personally invested in your manufacturing brand.

What Emotions Can You Appeal to in Your Content?

Your content marketing can appeal to many emotions that resonate not only on a business level, but also on a personal level. Consider how the following industrial marketing appeals also share a personal element:

  • Professional growth: Your product or service appeals to a buyer because it will help them grow in some way. The same appeal can be made for personal professional growth use of your product or service can put the person on their desired path to greater professional growth.
  • Time savings: Yes, B2B buyers are always looking for smart products and services that save time, providing business-wise benefits such as reduced operational and labor costs. But time savings can translate into a very valuable personal appeal. Most people aim to work to live, not live to work saving time by use of your product or service frees up time for them on a personal level, which can then be dedicated to the things the individual is passionate about.
  • Reduced costs: A major appeal of industrial marketing on a business level, reducing costs by using your product or service improves a company’s bottom line. The human appeal is what the company can do for people with those generated savings. Savings reinvested into the business has the power to create more opportunities and benefits for employees.

Emotional appeals aren’t just for consumer brands they have a valid place in industrial marketing. If your brand isn’t thinking along these lines, you’re missing out on an invaluable way to connect with the buyer of your products or services.

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