More Than 11,000 Manufacturing Companies Use This Tool To Drive Leads

Imagine if you could immediately and continuously identify the companies that are researching you online.

Imagine being able to track those companies throughout the buying journey, ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity.

Imagine having all of this actionable information at your fingertips, so that your sales team can have more meaningful — and more successful calls with prospects.

More than 11,000 manufacturers don't have to imagine any of this at all. They can do it, with Thomas WebTrax.

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Turn Anonymous Visitors Into Leads With Thomas WebTrax

One of the greatest challenges facing manufacturers today is the increasingly anonymized approach to B2B buying. Just a few short years ago, buyers seeking information about your company would simply pick up the phone and call. 

However, in today's digital-driven industry, buyers are researching, reviewing, and shortlisting online. As a result, buyers can be as far as 70% of the way through their buying journeys before they reach out and contact a supplier. By that time, it's likely already too late to influence their decision and too late to win their business.

Thomas WebTrax helps solve this challenge, providing you with unprecedented insight into the activity of B2B buyers throughout the entire buying journey not just after they fill out a form or contact you.

Here's how it works:

  • Using real-time data, Thomas WebTrax can tell you the company names of in-market buyers who are interacting with you across the Web on your website, your Thomas Network profile, CAD files, and other assets. It can even track phone call activity as well.
  • You can easily track a buyer throughout their entire journey in real time and see when buyers interact with specific content. No more missed opportunities.
  • With an easy-to-understand dashboard bringing all of this information together, your sales team can engage prospects in more meaningful, more targeted, and more successful outreach calls.Sign Up For A Free Thomas WebTrax Account  

A Lead Generation Tool That Provides Real Sales Opportunities 

Traditional analytics tools are great at tracking numbers like site traffic and user visits. But when it comes to generating leads for your business, you don't just need numbers — you need sales opportunity!

That's what Thomas WebTrax delivers, and it's why so many industrial marketers have embraced the tool. However, your competitors aren't the only ones taking notice. 

Outsell, a data and information advisory firm, recently conducted a thorough and completely independent review of Thomas WebTrax. Here's what they had to say:

"The launch of WebTrax 3.0 drives Thomas even further up the data pyramid into more sophisticated predictive analytics. Although data-driven marketing tools are becoming more widely used, predictive analytics that intelligently inform high-frequency and high-risk decisions remain of high value. This latest offering moves them beyond a traditional analytics platform, which tracked clicks and activity, to more sophisticated intent data that helps customers make decisions about marketing and sales resource allocation ...

The tool focuses on helping customers engage buyers and moving them deeper into the sales funnel. It also provides industrial customers the toolset to identify buyer activity, understand how their marketing is intersecting with buyers, and determine how to best engage their sales forces."

More than 11,000 manufacturing companies are already utilizing Thomas WebTrax, making it one of the most popular digital marketing tools in the industrial space. If you're not one of these companies, then you are not on an even playing field when it comes to generating leads for your business.

Fortunately, signing up for Thomas WebTrax takes just a few minutes. Even better, it's completely free for suppliers like you. Click here to turn your visitors into leads with Thomas WebTrax

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