6 Mesmerizing Videos of Rube Goldberg Machines

Throughout the 1900s, millions of Americans read newspapers every day and flipped through to the funnies to find the latest from Rube Goldberg, a popular cartoonist.

While his work was somewhat political and controversial at times, he regularly drew complicated gadgets that would work together to complete a simple task — just to get a laugh. Over time, we’ve affectionately grown to call them “Rube Goldberg machines.”

Now, we see odes to the artist in popular culture — and they’ve evolved to become fascinating feats of engineering and manufacturing. Plus, they’re pretty awesome, so we rallied some of our favorite videos for you to see. Check them out below:

The Music Video

The Commercial

The Photograph

The Fire

The Athletes

Bonus: Explaining that awesome Honda commercial...

These videos are time-consuming to plan out, but they're fun to watch. Even if your company doesn't want to create a Rube Goldberg machine video, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate video in your marketing strategy.

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