Using Video Calling To Enhance Industrial Sales, Operations, & Hiring

Today, more people are working remotely than ever before. This means that collaboration, which once happened in a conference room, an office, or over lunch, must now occur over greater distances.

There are lots of tools and solutions designed to help bridge the gap and enhance communications in this new paradigm. But, by far, one of the best solutions to emerge has been video calling. That’s because people retain 95% of content they watch via video compared to only 10% of contact read by text.

However, video calling isn’t just a great tool for internal communications; it can be used to convert prospects, recruit new talent, and enhance efficiency on your shop floor.


Videos To Increase Industrial Sales

In today's digital-driven industrial economy, your buyers do the bulk of their sourcing as much as 70% online, anonymously. This means that one-on-one interactions are few and far between, so you should make the most of every opportunity — and that could mean putting down the phone and clicking into a video calling app.

Think about it, without video a salesperson is only able to read into a prospect's voice or tone. A prospect's expression and body language are a complete guess to the sales professional, and any sales guy or gal knows how important these physical cues and facial expressions are when figuring out your next move or pitch.

As a salesperson, it’s up to you to have a complete understanding of your company's prospects. Video conferencing allows you to connect, and interact, with people, businesses, and organizations visually from anywhere in the world. Although these face-to-face interactions are key in understanding your prospects needs, video tools also allow screen sharing and other capabilities to interact with prospects in more engaging ways.

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You need to know what keeps your prospects on the edge of their seats, and what keeps their eyes engaged on the computer screen in front of them. Understanding these signals can help establish a rapport and help you close the deal.

Recruitment And Video Conferencing 

Manufacturers are facing a shortage of qualified talent who can both fill the shoes of retiring workers and help navigate the complexities of Industry 4.0. Video calling is a great tool that allows you to get to know someone with face-to-face interaction well beyond what a static resume or initial phone screen can yield. 

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Video Conferencing On The Shop Floor

Globalization has helped improve manufacturing in many ways, but worldwide expansion of vendors and suppliers bring the challenge of distance and cultural barriers that can often lead to timing delays. Fortunately, video tools can help manufacturers be more efficient, more effective, and ultimately, more competitive.

Thomas is a big proponent of video conferencing, having utilized the tool since the 2000s to more effectively collaborate and communicate with team members.

There has been a huge shift in communication in the last 30 years from email, instant messaging, and telephone conferencing to video communication. One of the reasons for this is, as users look to become more efficient in the workplace, people have looked for ways to collaborate better.

So how exactly do manufacturers use video in industry-specific areas of business?

Quality Assurance

Video conferencing is often used to streamline the product inspection process. Remote meetings with different departments of your business can help maintain product quality, saving time and money while reducing errors. Collaboration solutions can be used for product inspections, remote product tracking, validation tests, and production line status updates.

Supply Management

Real-time video keeps information rolling between suppliers, vendors, and customers in various locations. Most manufacturers can benefit from better inventory management and accurate supply and demand forecasting.

With the many benefits of video conferencing, it is not surprising that this mode of communication is on the rise. For more tips and strategies you can use to enhance your connections through video with industrial buyers in particular see our video solutions here.
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