Building Product Manufacturers: Don't Miss The Building Content Summit

The commercial building industry has been undergoing immense change over the past 5-10 years largely driven by the adoption of BIM. 

BCS brings Architects, Engineers and Contractors together with Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s) and Solution Providers to discuss changes in the way content is developed, distributed, selected and specified within the global BIM workflow. The needs of Design professionals are constantly evolving toward richer, data driven, multi-format product information.


The BCS has become an important event for BPMs to hear directly from AEC professionals as they craft their BIM and digital marketing strategies.

Why Attend?

The new BPM track will help Sales & Marketing professionals learn how designers, fabricators or contractors commit your products to their projects and provide insight into their rapidly changing needs for quality product information. 

BIM is not the only change that manufacturers are contending with in the digitization of the B2B space.  The Amazon generation is demanding a ‘digital customer experience’ that drastically changes the way BPMs must market and sell their products.  This two-day educational workshop program will provide your staff a deeper understanding of how these market shifts can affect your business in order to drive competitive advantage through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend?

The BCS is not intended to be a technology forum solely focused on engineering formats and platforms but rather an opportunity for senior Sales & Marketing folks to gain a better understanding of  the BIM content needs of your design community and to improve your productivity throughout the sales process.

We anticipate you will walk away with some new ideas of how to enhance your company’s BIM strategy.

  • Network: Meet AEC professionals from the firms you sell and market to that you otherwise might not access through traditional channels. Gain insight into the challenges they face in this new world of BIM.  
  • Solutions: Discover and meet software and content vendors who can help simplify the challenges of BIM and provide ideas and insight as you develop your digital marketing path.
  • Knowledge: Use the many presentations and informal discussions to remove the mysteries of BIM and rich product content.  Discover your path to creating a competitive advantage through quality product content.

Sessions We Think You’ll Find Interesting


  • BIM Fundamentals
  • A Manufacturers ROI – The Business Case for BIM
  • Keynote: CRM Isn’t Just for Sales, create value through every connection between business buyers and sellers

The Building Content Summit is over, but we can help you keep up with all of the latest trends and best practices for Building Product Manufacturers. Visit our Resource Library for insightful eBooks and advice

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