3 Reasons Manufacturers Should Work With A HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency

If you’ve decided it’s time to get on board with partnering with a marketing agency to grow your business better and more efficiently, congratulations! You’re on the right track to use digital marketing to be ahead of competitors and get more qualified leads your sales team will appreciate.

During your evaluation process vetting through marketing agencies, you may have come across some that are HubSpot partners. While all marketing agencies can produce results, some are equipped differently than others. Let’s go through the reasons why manufacturers and industrial companies should partner with a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency.

Marketing Agency For ManufacturersWhat Is A HubSpot Partner Agency?

HubSpot is a company founded on inbound, which is “the notion that people don't want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople — they want to be helped.” Although that definition may sound simple, in reality, inbound marketing has many components and a ton of processes even within those components.

To help, businesses partner with an agency that has inbound marketing experience to grow better. And to accelerate growth, the HubSpot software offers free options for companies to manage, organize, and track relationships with leads and customers using automation and reporting tools.

But HubSpot awards solutions partners who have executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards and becoming a HubSpot Partner Agency is a testament to the achievement of earning real inbound leads for customers.

Why Does It Benefit Manufacturers To Work With A HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency?

HubSpot places their partners in tiers using a combination of qualifications like software engagement and inbound marketing results for customers. Manufacturers and industrial companies who partner with a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency will benefit from:

1. Expertly Launched Digital Campaigns

Working with a HubSpot Diamond Partner agency gives you access not only to experts of the software but to campaigns that have been proven to produce real results. Diamond Partner Agency experts have the know-how to create impactful campaigns and move prospects to take action — like convert on your landing page forms.

HubSpot gives out additional certifications to the HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency members who have met a certain level of expertise. This ensures you are always working with someone who consistently meets high targets. They have created, ran, and optimized so many marketing campaigns that they can execute them at a much larger scale than a manufacturer on their own.

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2. Engineers And Strategists Who Understand Your Industry

As a busy manufacturer, it can be difficult to dedicate in-house resources to get the very most out of the HubSpot platform for your investment. To ensure you maximize your ROI, partner with a HubSpot Diamond Agency with degreed engineers on the team.

They will be able to translate technical jargon into compelling copy and get it in front of the B2B buyers, engineers, procurement managers, and MROs you want to do business with.

Degreed engineers and marketing strategists at Thomas have an in-depth understanding of the toolsets, reporting features, and optimization strategies that help your business grow and evolve on the digital front.

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3. Being The First To Know HubSpot Product Updates

Guidance from a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency will help you gain full usability of the software’s capabilities. When you work with an industrial marketing agency that knows and loves the HubSpot platform, your manufacturing company will always be set up with the latest tools and technology that’s right for you. You’ll always know the marketing updates faster than your competitors and be in the right hands to see the work delivered using the most up to date best practices.

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A Full-Service Marketing Agency For Manufacturers

Working with a Diamond HubSpot Partner gets you better results. From content and strategy to design and development, Thomas has the industrial marketing team to get you started because we only work with companies in the manufacturing space. Because we are 100% manufacturing-focused (and have been for more than 122 years), we understand the manufacturing buyer’s journey and pain points.

Contact us if your team is looking for:

  • Degreed engineering support
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Connections to B2B buyers
  • Analytical marketing insight
  • Responsive web technology

We offer a free digital health check for manufacturers and industrial companies to see which areas of their online presence they can work on to support the buyer’s journey and grow better.

With Thomas running our lead generation efforts and marketing, our sales increased by 60% in just one year.

Thomas maximized our company exposure, drove a record number of qualified leads, and helped us turn these opportunities directly into sales dollars. 

CJ Winter

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