6 Tips For Social Selling: How To Convert Connections Into Customers

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. LinkedIn? Check.

If you’ve already put in the work of building out profiles on these major platforms and have gained some followers, you’re off to a great start. But even more important than gaining followers, of course, is gaining customers — and simply having a social media presence isn’t enough to reliably convert connections into leads.

Below, we’ve outlined six easy, efficient ways to enhance your social media marketing strategy and successfully turn your connections into customers.

1. Project The Right Image

The fact is, image is important — at least when it comes to social media channels, where your image is front and center. To attract the right leads, it’s critical to project a polished, professional image, which means posting high-quality photos and useful, informative content.

Take care to select clear images that are informative and engaging. The same holds true for any written content you post — if you want people to read it and engage with your business, your offerings must be robust and helpful.

2. Build Your Credibility

To successfully convert followers into customers, you need to be viewed as a knowledgeable player in your industry.

To build your credibility on social media, showcase your expertise by sharing unique, helpful information — and be sure to project the right image by offering content that is not only useful but also articulate and well-written.

It may seem counterintuitive to give information away, but this will solidly establish you as a knowledgeable expert in your field, increasing your chances of turning leads into customers.

3. Be Helpful

This one is simple. If someone asks a question, answer it as well as you can. If you can’t answer a question, provide a relevant resource or redirect the user to someone who can help. Assisting followers in this way helps to build your credibility and leaves a lasting impression.

Not all people you help will turn into leads; some will still take their business elsewhere. But many more will remember that you took the time to assist them and, when these people are ready to buy, will think of your company first.

4. Prospect

Go where your potential customers are.

If your primary social media channel is Facebook, for instance, but the bulk of user activity is happening on LinkedIn, shift your focus to that platform instead.

Determining who is active where and figuring out how many users are engaging on what platforms can take some legwork, but this will allow for much more effective user targeting and is well worth the effort.

5. Stay Active

Simply putting up a profile page isn’t going to turn connections into customers. Sure, you might get some followers at first, but the number will quickly plateau. To expand your following, and therefore increase the chances of customer conversions, it’s critical to remain active.

Establish a posting schedule and stick to it. Respond when people post on your profile or message you. If somebody follows you, follow them back. If somebody gives you positive feedback, thank them for it. If somebody gives you constructive negative feedback, thank them for it and try to learn from it.

Staying active will improve the value of your social media profiles for existing followers and increase the rate at which you get new followers. And the more followers you have, the more chances for conversions.

6. Aim To Convert

All of these tips are meaningless, however, if you don’t aim to convert. Don’t be shy about linking to your landing pages in order to gather users’ contact information for email marketing purposes. Without traffic to your landing pages, you’re doing a lot of work for nothing.

On the other side of the coin, be sure not to overlink to landing pages. This can be off-putting to users and may actually drive leads away.

Establish Your Social Media Strategy

Successfully selling on social media can take up a lot of valuable time and labor, making it difficult for many small- and medium-sized businesses to get going.

Unsure where to start? Thomas can help. Contact us today to learn how we can create a social media program tailored to your unique needs.

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