5 Things Successful Industrial Marketers Would Never Do

Taking the time to understand and keep up with the latest industrial marketing best practices is essential. What many people don’t realize, however, is that it can be just as important to understand the worst practices in marketing as well.

These five marketing tactics should have a permanent place on your Not To Do List.

1. Purchasing Email Lists

Purchasing email lists might seem like a quick and easy way to find an audience, but it’s usually a mistake. When you purchase an email list, there’s no guarantee that the names on the list will have an interest in your company or product.

Without a prior connection to your company, recipients on these lists are less likely to engage with you, and they may even flag your messages as spam. Having your messages seen as junk mail can lower the reputation of your company and its emails, and it may even decrease your company’s ability to connect with legitimately interested prospects and contacts.

2. Saying "No" To New Things

As an industrial marketer, it’s important to keep yourself open to new things — especially the latest marketing best practices, tools, or opportunities. Don’t be tempted to stick with just one marketing tool or strategy just because it seems to be working. Marketing trends are always changing and evolving, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve in order to put your company ahead.

If you close yourself off to upcoming trends and novel ideas, you could miss out on prospects to grow your company and connect with new customers. Be sure to investigate new approaches and don't hesitate to experiment. 

3. Treating All Leads the Same

A strong industrial marketer realizes that not all leads are created equal. It’s important to pursue different leads in different ways to help ensure your success. For example, someone filling out a form on your website for an eBook download is quite different from someone filling out a form for a demonstration or consultation with your company.

The former is considered to be a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) — someone who is interested in your product or service, but who likely needs more information before actually buying it. The latter, on the other hand, is a sales-qualified lead (SQL) — someone who is interested in buying your product or service now, without the need for more background information or education to persuade them. Recognizing the difference between MQLs and SQLs is critical to turning "leads" into revenue effectively. 

4. Going With Your Gut

Good industrial marketers don’t just rely on their feelings or a hunch to make a decision. Rather, they use hard data to inform their decisions. In fact, they often use A/B testing to determine which marketing approaches will yield the best results among their customers. This data helps them to continually tailor their approach so they can adapt to ever-changing trends and customer interests.

They also make use of growth-driven designto revise, upgrade, and optimize their websites. Unlike traditional web design, it doesn't require a big, one-time investment. On the contrary, this approach involves iterative testing and data collection in order to drive continuous improvement.  

5. Waiting For The Phone To Ring

In today's digital-driven world, B2B buyers get as far as 70% of the way through the purchase decision-making process before they even speak to a supplier. They rely on online tools and resources, like Thomasnet.com and industrial websites, to research, compare, and evaluate suppliers and products on their own. 

That means, rather than waiting for buyers to come to you, you need to connect with buyers on their terms, in their universe. This involves smart, targeted content marketing fueled by a strategic email marketing strategy. You may also want to consider putting some money into PPC campaigns in order to drive traffic to your website (assuming your site is already optimized). 

Lastly, be sure to get listed on Thomasnet.com — it's where more than 12 million buyers and engineers visit every year to source new products and services. You can even list your business for free.

Need Some More Guidance?

These are just a few examples of what not to do. If you need some more advice, or if you need some help getting started with your industrial marketing, contact the Thomas Marketing Services team today.

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