3 Tips to Getting Your Dream Customer's Attention With Content

If there’s one thing better than leads, it's leads from dream customers — those perfectly ideal potential clients with perfectly ideal potential orders. The problem is that dream customers probably seem more like unicorns or Bigfoot to you than actual, achievable contacts.

black magnifying glass over white viewed from the top.jpegYour dream customer surely does exist. That said, I can’t offer any one secret trick for finding them, unfortunately. There is no magic bullet for hooking a dream customer, just as there are no magic creatures.

You’re probably asking: How do I find them, then? 

Well, it takes some work and a dedicated, well thought out plan, but it comes down to targeting. If you target your content the right way and to the right audiences — the audiences that your dream customers are in — you can start to pull in those big-ticket leads you want.

1. Start with Smart Titles

I’ve written about the importance of titles before, in a related blog about lead generation tips, but their importance cannot be overstated, so it bears repeating here: good titles are extremely important. 

There’s a formula to strong headlines: ones with a number, a strong adjective or two, and a clear description of what the reader will find in the piece. Studies have shown that titles formatted this way generate more traffic and more leads — 400%+ and 750%+, respectively — than longer or less interesting titles.

The drastically higher lead rate also indicates that the readers these titles draw in are from the right audiences and the content you’re offering is being found by people to whom it is more relevant. In short, they target and engage audiences better.

2. Diversify Your Offers and CTAs

Offers, which can be anything from eBooks and white papers to videos and infographics, and calls to action (CTAs) are the core of an inbound lead generation marketing plan. In devising such a plan, the impulse of many is to target buyers at the end of the buying process — give them purchasing-relevant information and urge them to contact your sales team.

The buying process is exactly that — a process, with beginning, middle, and end stages. The issue with the above approach, and it’s a commonly used approach, is that it ignores the beginning and middle stages of the sales process. If a dream customer comes across your site at the beginning of their buying process, when they’re most likely to be looking for informational and educational content, but can only find company information (good end-of-process content), they will probably go elsewhere.

In order to catch good leads (including those dream customers) at any point in their buying process it is important to offer a diversified array of offers, some for the beginning, middle, and end stages of the buying process. You can diversify CTAs in the same way.

While we’re speaking about offers…

3. Make Sure They’re High Value

The crux of internet marketing in the industrial sector is information. Design engineers, procurement managers, and so on are all looking for information. Providing the information isn’t all there is to it — it has to be packaged, targeted, the right way.

Every type of offer format has a value, in terms of lead generation. Blogs, when updated regularly, are great for improving search engine optimization, but they’re relatively low in lead generation value — if a blog is the pinnacle of your offerings, no matter how informative it is, you are losing dream customers. 

EBooks, other eBook-like guides, and presentations are consistently the highest value lead generation offers. Producing a range of high-value offers like these, filling them with carefully targeted content, and providing them with carefully targeted headlines will go a long way toward increasing both the number and quality of your leads, bringing you closer to those dream customers.

Final Thoughts

The reason you haven’t landed your dream customer yet is, more likely than not, you haven’t been targeting your efforts enough. 

These tips are good, but they’re really just a starting point — an introduction to a whole world of methodologies and techniques designed to maximize lead generation and lead quality. Contact us to set yourself up for long-term success.

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