Even Your Dog Has A Persona

We write frequently about the value of persona targeting. Taking the time to really understand the people on the other end of your communications, and tailoring your content to those specific people — and their specific goals, needs, and interests — is critical if you want to improve your marketing results.

Persona targeting can enhance your industrial marketing in many ways. These are just a few.

  • Persona-based websites experienced a 210% increase in website traffic, 97% increase in website generated leads, 124% increase in website generated sales (Marketing Sherpa)
  • Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10% (HubSpot)
  • Behaviorally targeted ads are twice as effective as other, non-targeted ads (HIP B2B)

Seriously, if you haven’t begun developing your personas, you need to start.

What’s This Got To Do With My Dog?

I recently had the chance to attend Social Media Week in New York City. While the event featured a lot of great sessions, one that stood out was a discussion titled “Timely, Personalized and Relevant: How to Build a Responsive Organization.”

Persona Targeting Dogs

I expected to hear how different companies approached personalization; how they tailored their content based on what they know — and how they continue to learn — about the people they want to do business with.

I got it partially right.

Instead, the company talking about persona targeting was BarkBox, a subscription service for dog treats and toys. BarkBox doesn’t create personas for persons, but instead for pooches.

Jay Livingston, BarkBox’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained that the company looks beyond the obvious — like breed and gender — to gain a greater understanding of these canine customers. They take into account play style, energy level, size, and even how much they chew.

All of this information doesn’t just get used to build a customized box, but to build a customized online experience. Emails, blog posts, social media stories, and other elements are all tailored based on these characteristics, which helps the company better connect with their human clients.

“All great marketing is about creating an emotional experience with the customer,” Livingston advised.

Be More Human

BarkBox has used persona marketing to attract new customers, scale its business, and enhance customer retention.

As an industrial marketer, you can use it to do the same.

Just like BarkBox, you need to take the time to look beyond the obvious, to see prospects not only as potential buyers, but multidimensional people. This means understanding their goals, challenges, and motivators. Doing so will enable you to customize your content and forge meaningful connections with your customers on a personal, human level. 

Your dog may already be receiving tailored, customized content, and your prospects deserve nothing less. If you need some help getting started with persona targeting, our eBook can help. Download your free copy of Persona Targeting For Manufacturing Companies.

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