The Art of Selling Without Selling: Content Marketing

The old adage of sales was as easy as “ABC:” Always Be Closing. The new landscape of online marketing and sales, however, calls for a different skill: Selling Without Selling. What exactly does that mean? First, let’s take a step back and review some marketing methods that industrial companies are using on the internet:

Blog Writing: Taking a step back from your core website to offer a different perspective: sharing your take on a particular technology or industry topic with your audience, for instance.

Search Engine Optimization: Following SEO best practices to make new and existing content as search-engine friendly as possible – while still remaining interesting and relevant to the visitors who read it.

Social Media: Getting up close and personal with your contacts and interacting with them via short updates.

Direct Email Marketing: Communications to your database of clients and prospects detailing news and developments in your company or industry.

The common thread connecting each of these channels is content. Today’s online buyers are more wary than ever of being sold to, especially if they’re not actively looking to buy at that moment. The best way to reach your audience of prospective clients is by engaging them with content that gives them something in return for their time: knowledge, conversation/interaction, familiarity, even a laugh.

Content marketing is the practice of providing those things to people without the “hard sell:” Selling Without Selling. Nothing can ruin a well-written blog post or effective nurturing email like tacking on an overly sales-y message at the end. Resist the urge to “Always Be Closing,” and let your content speak for itself. Your customers will thank you for it when they think of you at purchasing time.

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