How To Sell Industrial Products In A B2C World

The online product sourcing landscape is changing, and B2B consumers are no longer satisfied with data buried in catalogs and PDFs.

Like their B2C online experience, consumers expect a dynamic, user-friendly experience filled with compelling data. This movement is driving companies like Grainger and MSC to invest in digitized catalogs and create a complete digital customer experience for online prospects.

The result: online-driven sales that account for 50% of total company sales.

What You Need to Know

All consumers are familiar with the breadth and depth of digitized product information available through online retailers like Amazon. And B2B buyers are consumers, too: the new B2B audience is one that expects instant, 24/7 access to the specifications and details they need to find complex industrial products.

As a result, leading industrial manufacturers are transforming their online catalogs to resemble a rich experience like Amazon’s  — and filling them with technical data and specifications to make it easy for engineering and sourcing professionals to find their products.

In addition to creating a streamlined product discovery and selection experience, this process also turns product data into a valuable marketing asset. Clients are more than happy to trade their contact and project information for the rich data they need to get the job done. This results in the generation of high-quality leads for your business.

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