Rethinking The Product Information Library

Product manufacturers spend an inordinate amount of time and money ensuring that their products meet the quality standards of their customers.

Unfortunately, many fail to exert the same effort when it comes to something just as important to their customers — the quality of their product information.

Product Information Library

Is An Online Catalog Enough?

Before the dawn of the digital age, “product information management” required no more than an annual update of print catalogs, or a revision when a big new offering was released.

By now, however, most manufacturers have shifted their print catalogs — and their product information — to the web. But is that all you need to do?


If your online catalog isn’t continually optimized, and it isn’t reaching the right people, then what good is it really?

Don’t Think “Online,” Think "Align"

In today’s digital-driven marketplace, just having an online catalog isn’t enough to be competitive. That’s because buyers expect a lot more than just a PDF version of your print catalog, or a library of SKUs with corresponding pictures.

For example, engineers at the companies you want to do business with have to find correct configurations for complex parts and components.They also need to respond to requests for detailed performance data, 2D drawings and 3D CAD models, all while making sure that they find the right product for the system they’re designing.

This level of product information simply isn’t available from a basic online catalog, and if that’s all you are offering, then the engineers will most likely move on to another manufacturer.

In addition to engineers, your distributors and sales channels also rely on quality product data in the format that their customers require. They don’t want to spend hours answering questions from end users about missing or seemingly inaccurate information — they’d rather just find a different supplier partner than put up with the headache.

This is why manufacturers must change the way they think about the product information library. Your library can’t be built to meet your needs; it needs to be managed and optimized to continually meet the needs of your customers.

To find out how to do just that, download our free eBook, “How To Outperform Competitors Using Your Product Information.”

How To Outperform Competitors With  Product Information

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